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Mark Relph - Senior Director - Startup and VC Team

Can’t Wait.

Author: markrel Date: 08/04/2010

Just because I am a huge fan….. Gord Downie on Q….

Author: markrel Date: 07/14/2010

Windows 7 Compatibility Center: 17 markets in 12 languages to list over 100,000 products & new IE8 Tools

This post also appears at   I'm pleased to announce we've expanded support...

Author: markrel Date: 06/29/2010

New Windows Live Messenger Beta Video

Get The Windows Live Beta Here

Author: markrel Date: 06/24/2010

IE8 TV Ad #2

Author: markrel Date: 06/17/2010

An Update On The Windows Summit 2010: New Content, Dean Hachamovitch and More

I recently talked about the Windows Summit 2010 and today I want to give everyone a quick update on...

Author: markrel Date: 06/16/2010

IE9 vs. Safari

A good head to head example posted over at the Windows Blog.

Author: markrel Date: 06/08/2010

Windows Summit 2010: Wherever You Are, Be Here Today!

Hello Everyone - It is my pleasure to announce that the Windows Summit 2010 kicks off today. Those...

Author: markrel Date: 05/25/2010

Western Digital TV Live–Windows 7 Logo PR

"Microsoft is pleased that Western Digital has earned the Compatible with Windows 7 logo and is...

Author: markrel Date: 05/09/2010

May The 4th Be With You

Author: markrel Date: 05/04/2010

Webcast–Migrating off of IE6 to IE8

If you haven’t heard, we really want to see people move off of IE6.  I thought I’d call out...

Author: markrel Date: 04/28/2010

RIP Floppy Disks

Author: markrel Date: 04/26/2010

3 Things To Know About Our Ecosystem

(This post can also be seen on the Windows Team Blog) Any Saturday afternoon you are likely to find...

Author: markrel Date: 04/26/2010

Green Eggs….

see more Funny Graphs

Author: markrel Date: 04/25/2010

Building Innovative Windows Client Software – Panel discussion from MIX10

Author: markrel Date: 03/25/2010

An Hour With Canada’s Own Bill Buxton (From MIX10)

Design rock star and Canada’s own Bill Buxton speaks at MIX10.

Author: markrel Date: 03/19/2010

In Depth Look At IE9 (MIX10 session)

Author: markrel Date: 03/19/2010

My video on “TalkingAboutWindows”

The folks who run TalkingAboutWindows asked me to do a video for the site and it is up now…  ...

Author: markrel Date: 03/18/2010

Overview Of The Windows Phone 7 application platform

From MIX -

Author: markrel Date: 03/16/2010

Day 2 Keynote @ MIX10

I’m down in Vegas for MIX – I am here to see the IE9 keynote in particular.  This is the...

Author: markrel Date: 03/16/2010

My CES Videos – visiting partners, this time Canon

At CES 2010 I was hard at work with a video crew visiting some of our partners at the show.  We...

Author: markrel Date: 01/12/2010

My CES Videos – visiting partners, first stop AMD

I was hard at work visiting Microsoft partners at CES 2010.  My first stop is AMD. Also posted...

Author: markrel Date: 01/12/2010

CES 2010 – My Videos – The Microsoft Booth

My team and I were down at CES this year showing off some of the great work being done by our...

Author: markrel Date: 01/12/2010

The awesome Kyle moment from the Windows 7 Launch

(thanks to Ina Fried at CNET for the video)

Author: markrel Date: 10/22/2009

From the Windows 7 launch – Microsoft Watch press coverage

I had breakfast with several reports and bloggers today before the launch event… here is some of the...

Author: markrel Date: 10/22/2009

Photo stitch from the New York Windows 7 Launch Event

Thanks to my colleague Dan for sharing this stitched image from the launch event (made with a Canon...

Author: markrel Date: 10/22/2009

Amazon announces The Kindle Reader For PC at the launch of Windows 7!

I had the pleasure of being here in New York with Amazon as we announced the Kindle Reader for...

Author: markrel Date: 10/22/2009

Posted to the – Compatibility Center and Upgrade Advisor

Check out my post on the Windowsteamblog about 2 really important tools for anyone considering...

Author: markrel Date: 10/22/2009

The Canadian Crew Shows Off Cool Windows 7 Hardware…..

Joey and the crew showing off to the press as we get ready for Windows 7… [From Global Nerdy]

Author: markrel Date: 10/06/2009

The Windows Logo Program……

I’ve recently started blogging over on the… it is great to be blogging again and...

Author: markrel Date: 10/01/2009

Announcing New Tools for IT Professionals & Developers Transitioning to Windows 7

(as posted by Brandon on the Windows Team Blog) Today I am pleased to announce some new technologies...

Author: markrel Date: 09/22/2009

Windows 7 Ecosystem Updated From My New Boss, Mike Nash

Hello from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  In my new role as Sr. Director of the...

Author: markrel Date: 07/15/2009

Microsoft Canada Is Hiring – Senior Product Manager, Windows 7 & IE8

Here is another GREAT role open at Microsoft Canada.  This one is with the Windows Consumer...

Author: markrel Date: 06/30/2009

Microsoft Canada Is Hiring – Partner Marketing Manager, ISVs

Partner Marketing Manager - ISVs...

Author: markrel Date: 06/30/2009


I love my job.  I really do.  Not everyone gets to say that with as much passion as I can,...

Author: markrel Date: 06/17/2009

Just a typical planning day at MSFT…

Thanks to Joey (@accordionguy) for taking this picture at our all-hands planning brainstorming...

Author: markrel Date: 06/02/2009

Steve Ballmer @ Stanford - The Future of Microsoft, The Future of Technology

From - “Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO,...

Author: markrel Date: 05/07/2009

Recognizing Canadian Innovation – The Blue Sky Award

  Last year we launched the first ever Blue Sky Award.  It’s targeted at highlighting...

Author: markrel Date: 04/30/2009

More OCAD/MSFT Press (Video) – This time

Author: markrel Date: 04/15/2009

More On OCAD & MSFT Canada – article

This appeared in the press today - Touching donation - Ontario college gets Microsoft Surface unit...

Author: markrel Date: 04/15/2009

Great Canadian User Experiences From MIX09

I was on the road when we held our local MIX09 media event for media on March 17th, so I couldn’t be...

Author: markrel Date: 04/13/2009

DigiTweet - ‘cause I really love but hate Tweetdeck

Last week I was at the Mesh Conference here in Toronto.  In addition to being a great event, it...

Author: markrel Date: 04/13/2009

Joey deVilla (@Accordionguy) showing off at Mesh

Hey, ever wonder if our team enjoys their jobs?  Check out Joey at the Mesh Conference. 

Author: markrel Date: 04/13/2009

More Laptop Hunters……

Author: markrel Date: 04/09/2009

Microsoft Canada & OCAD – Igniting the next generation of software design & user experience

Did you know that Toronto has the third-largest design workforce in North America, behind only New...

Author: markrel Date: 04/08/2009