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Martyn Lovell's blog about software development

C++ Connections

Just finished arranging my travel to C++ Connections. I’m speaking on our Security work in the...

Author: martynl Date: 10/14/2005

Why does VC8 install libraries to WinSxS?

One of the changes introduced by Visual C++ 2005 is a change in how we deploy the Visual C++ Runtime...

Author: martynl Date: 10/13/2005

Annotations - yet more help finding buffer overflows

Last time I talked about how we used template overloads to help automatically transform safe calls...

Author: martynl Date: 10/10/2005

Security improvements in VC++ 2005 and the C standards committee

Last Friday I returned from the C standards committee meeting in Mont Tremblant, Canada at a...

Author: martynl Date: 10/06/2005

I'm back

Hello. Welcome to my second generation, re-engineered, upgraded weblog. I'm really excited to...

Author: martynl Date: 10/05/2005