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.NET Framework

.NET Fx work

I've been silent for a long time but have gotten a direct set of questions from a few people...

Author: mattgi Date: 11/25/2008

Update for the iPhone Update

After installing the iPhone 1.01 software update, iPhone users may notice that what used to be an...

Author: mattgi Date: 09/12/2007

An excerpt from the Professional ASP.NET AJAX book

Jim Minatel from Wrox has arranged for an excerpt from the book to be made available online. It's a...

Author: mattgi Date: 08/05/2007

Medium Trust and Visual Studio codename 'Orcas' Beta 2

Update: Changes were made for the final release of Visual Studio 2008 so that the providerOptions...

Author: mattgi Date: 08/04/2007

Wrox releases Professional ASP.NET AJAX title

Well, I've been asked three times now why I haven't blogged about my book, so here it is. I worked...

Author: mattgi Date: 06/13/2007

Validators update available

The release on Windows Update that contains updates to enable the validator controls to work with...

Author: mattgi Date: 05/12/2007

New episode of the .NET Show about ASP.NET AJAX

I recently filmed an episode of the .NET Show with Brad Abrams ( and...

Author: mattgi Date: 04/25/2007

PodCast about ASP.NET AJAX

I got the chance to do a Podcast with Wally McClure. You can get to it here.

Author: mattgi Date: 01/30/2007

ASP.NET AJAX Validators

ASP.NET AJAX provides new APIs for registering script with the ScriptManager. Using these APIs...

Author: mattgi Date: 01/23/2007

ASP.NET AJAX Release Candidate

The ASP.NET AJAX Release Candidate is available here. A major change between beta2 and the RC is the...

Author: mattgi Date: 12/15/2006

A couple of tools from Nikhil

At my TechEd whiteboard discussion, we talked about a couple of useful things for AJAX development....

Author: mattgi Date: 11/17/2006

Using PageMethods to access Session data

Here is one of the samples I was asked for at TechEd last week. How to access session state data...

Author: mattgi Date: 11/15/2006

TechEd 2006 Barcelona slides and code

As promised, the slides and code from my TechEd presentation are available here. I got some great...

Author: mattgi Date: 11/12/2006

ASP.NET AJAX beta 2 is released

Well, just a few short weeks and some very late nights after the first beta was released, we have...

Author: mattgi Date: 11/06/2006

Starting a Blog

While I have been preparing for my TechEd Europe presentation next week, I have been asked several...

Author: mattgi Date: 11/03/2006