The Blue Screen of Mort

It happened just the other day when I least expected it. No one would have expected it. Not me, not you, not your cousin, your grand-father or your grand-father’s cousin’s dog; no one. Because there was no warning, not even a hint, not a glint or glimmer of possibility. It didn’t even register. It couldn’t have. I had never seen such a thing, at least not in the last decade. Not since the world was new, the landscape was rough and uncut and only those men that dared venture into the wilderness ever returned with tales of such beasts, shaggy monstrosities from a land that time forgot.

But it did happen; to me. I saw it with my own two eyes and it stared back at me. I didn’t even realize it at first; my mind unwilling to make sense of the strangeness in front of me. I sort of drifted on autopilot in spite of the train wreck before me, unable to process the abruptness of change and respond. And then I felt myself ascend upward; as my entire body became light and airy, certain that nothing was real, a dream perhaps, an apparition, but definitely not a part of the causal universe of atoms and forces, of hard fact and truth.

Yet it was there nonetheless, its feral eyes and triumphant grin, and it finally gave me pause, to think, to reason, to contemplate a question, why, how, where was it coming from, what was this that did not belong. And then it hit, hard, a bullet to my stomach and an eerie sense of dread raining down upon me, wrapping me in terror, squeezing the last drop of sunshine from my otherwise jovial self.

For it was known to me after all, this foul creature; a demon from the underworld with long jagged talons and a sharp smiling maw. Yet that only made it all the worse, because I should not have been so complacent with my easy going ways. I should not have forgotten it. I should have remembered the past and stayed vigilant. I should have feared its return and been ready. Because now it was here and all that I knew and held dear was forever lost. Because no matter what I wished for or hoped, there would be no going back. Its embrace was final. It was the blue screen of death.

I know it’s hard to believe. So hard, that you may be tempted to dismiss my tale out of hand as the wild ravings of a mad man, since legendary beasts such as these must certainly be only myth. And while I don’t have so much as a specimen to put on display, for you to gape over, to poke, prod and prove without a shadow of a doubt that such evil things do exist, I must stress to you with absolute certainty that all I have said is true.

But please don’t let my warning frighten you. Don’t let me scare you out of your wits until you dread getting out of bed and booting up in the morning. Because there are other things you should know, other facts to be considered and trains of thought to jump aboard. This beast is different. It has changed. It’s certainly not your father’s blue screen of death. It’s something more; new and improved. Yes, it still feeds upon your essence, devouring all before you, causing irreparable devastation in its wake, but somewhere deep within its rotted soul is a single spark of remorse. For it is aware, now, of what it does. It knows and so is no longer mere animal. It remembers and frets since even though it is compelled still to feed, it hates what it is, what it does and desperately seeks a way to stop. It just needs your help.

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