Media: xBox 360: 70 XNA Games in 24 Days

It’s the weekend.  I love my video games, and I really love my xBox 360.  I’ve had one since just after they first came out, and I’ve slowly but surely accumulated about 70 physical games for the 360 made by major producers.  I remember seeing the total xBox 360 games climb past one hundred, and I remember losing count.  But until now, it’s been rare to see more than a few games come out each month.

But now there’s XNA.

XNA is a way for Joe Schmoe to write (and now profit) off of writing video games.  Using XNA, you can write video games in C#.  It’s been possible to write XNA games for a couple of years, but it was only November 19th that XNA games went out on xBox Live and were up for sale.

It’s been 24 days since then, and there are 70 community games on Xbox Live.  They range from 200-800 points (~$3-~$10) and a large chunk of the cash goes to the one or two people that develop the games.  They all have free trial versions.

So support poor game developers.  Fire up your xbox 360 and check some XNA games out.


James Brundage [MSFT]