Microcode: Cool Posts: Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

Benko just posted a Visual Studio Tips & Tricks listing.  It's missing on of my favorites, which a coworker on the PowerShell team, Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, showed me:

In a couple of circumstances, you'll see a red squiggle (like a syntax error) at the end of a line.  This squiggle occurs when you're renaming something, or when you're referencing a class that exist in a namespace that hasn't been used.  If you press ALT + SHIFT + F10, you'll get a handy menu that allows you to rename all of the references or add a "using" to that namespace.  Since this is the first option, and both are really handy, you can fly using this keyboard combo in visual studio by using ALT + SHIFT + F10 + ENTER (to select the first item and add the using or rename other mentions of a property).

Hope this helps,

James Brundage [MSFT]