Skype for Business Mobile on iOS and the Inability for users to Send Logs

We’ve been getting sporadic reports from customers over the past couple months that the “Send Logs” button was grayed out on the iOS SfB Mobile client for some users.  Yet, the mobility policy was set to allow users to send logs.

The issue is a simple one, but somewhat confusing.

SfB Mobile on iOS requires that the native mail client that uses ActiveSync must be configured with a profile in order for this to work.  With the popularity of the Outlook for iOS client, many users are not doing this (they install Outlook for iOS, and never configure the native client).  However, SfB Mobile on iOS does NOT detect/work with the Outlook for iOS client, so if no native iOS ActiveSync profile has been setup the SfB Mobile client grays-out the “Send Logs” button.

This little issue, while once you realize why you want to say "Ah ha" or "Gee, that makes sense" it has been frustrating for many.  So, I wanted to make you aware of this to help when troubleshooting issues with iOS SfB Mobile clients if the user tells you the Send Logs button is grayed out.  They will need to setup ActiveSync on the device first to be able to send the logs to you.