A Pane In The Glass

Hi. First off, apologies for the long absence. This was due to some project commitments, however, that is still no excuse. I am happy to say that I am now back, have a heap of cool WPF things to post on - incluiding the final 2 parts to the Button excercise.

In the mean time, I have created a quick sample for you to download and play with. This is thanks to a post provided by Adam Nathan explaining how to get that beautiful glass into a WPF application. Also, check out Tim Sneath's entry on how to extend glass into a WinForms app.

What pleased me most, was how easy it is to do. There is a very simple Helper class that takes in the window, interops with the vista DWM bits and hey presto, you have glass - even better, you can control where the glass appears in the window by playing with margins.

One of the things notes when playing with this in WinForms is that you clicks on the glass fall through, and your window loses focus - not a problem with a WPF app - it catches all clicks!

I have attached the project for you to check out. But it would be great to see some prople really making use of the glass.

Til next time...