Blacklight v4.1 Update Released

A few bugs have been identified with DragDockPanelHost, as well as one or two expected features missing, so I have created a fixed release that addresses the following…

  • Between v3.0 and v4.0, the PanelState property on the DragDockPanel became read-only, due to some toggling issues. This has caused issues with setting the default panel state in XAML. This property has been made writable again.
  • Now that DragDockPanel host is an ItemsControl, users could load any object type as an item. However, in v4.0, it was not possible to define a default panel style. A property called DefaultPanelStyle has been added to DragDockPanelHost.
  • Since becoming an ItemsControl, the DragDockPanelHost had a number of bugs introduced with adding and removing panels, after they had been moved around. These bugs have now been fixed.

I have also updated the Showcase to contain a release notes section, which will give more details as to what has changed with each release.

See the showcase here.

Get the latest release here.