New Silverlight 2 Media Player for my blog!

UPDATE: Get the latest blog media player code from Blacklight, our new CodePlex project!  

I have been meaning to start video blogging (vlogging) for some time. I think you can get stuff across far more simply that way. However, I hadn't gotten around to building a simple video player for hosting on my blog - well, problem solved. I finally got off my backside and made one.

I decided to make my first video blog on the media player itself, so sit back and enjoy.

Introducing the new Video Blog Media Player

You can download the video too. 

The source code for the media player is available from if you want to change / host it yourself. Thanks to Tim Sneath for giving the example on how to host Silverlight on your blog

You could also point to where I have hosted the page (if you don't have hosting yourself) - however, I cannot guarantee the connection or that the MediaPlayer will be bug free.

The player is hosted on this page...

You need to pass in a source to activate the player - i.e.

Happy vlogging!