Patient Journey Demonstrator December 2008 Released

Probably the last post before the holidays, however, I am very pleased to announce a new release of the Patient Journey Demonstrator. This is a smoking hot release with some super rich and super cool new features.

You can plenty of details on the new features at the Microsoft Health CUI Team Blog.

To summarise though, the key new features are....


Clinical Noting Using Health Language

We have partnered with Health Language to provide an information rich clinical noting environment. The demonstrator now connects to their web service to allow you to encode clinical notes...




Highlighting and Annotating Deep Zoom

One of my favourite new features - you can now highlight areas and add notes to the patient ECG data in Deep Zoom. The really cool part is that when a note disappears off of the screen, a little marker points to where it is to let you know there is something you can't see!




Brand new Show Guide Feature

Clicking on 'Show Guide' in the top right of the application gives a new experience that we think, re-defines help and guidance! :)

Overlays appears over the live application, letting you know what you can do on any screen, and where we have used Microsoft Health CUI Guidance and Controls.



Check out the demonstrator for yourself, read all about all the latest features in detail, or just watch the video below!



Download the video from here.