The adventures begin!

Well, actually, they began about 6 months ago, so i have alot of catching up to do.

So... This space is where i intend to talk about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). There maybe some other topics that I cover, whether it be User Experience, Office 2007, Windows Vista etc... but mainly WPF. For those who don't know what the Windows Presentation Foundation is, its the new presentation subsystem for Windows Vista - a user interface framework for creating rich, emmersive UI's for Microsoft's new OS.

But do not dispair... WPF is also being back-ported to Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 - so all of that goodness will still be availble for the 70% or so of PC's out there.

This blog will most likely start of with me posting on a near daily basis whilst I cover off everything up until now, and I then intend to post to it at least once a week from there on in - depending on other commitments etc.

So, welcome, and enjoy :)