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Michael Hopcroft

Home Automation Part 3 - Using Regular Expressions to Parse Sensor Data

  In the previous installment I managed to set up basic communications with the sensor network...

Author: mhop Date: 01/08/2007

Building a traffic signal with Christmas lights

It started out as a simple project. My children had become interested in basic electrical circuits...

Author: mhop Date: 12/19/2006

Save the date for PDC '07

Microsoft has just announced that the next Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will be October...

Author: mhop Date: 12/14/2006

Implicit and Explicit Interface Implementations

As I was putting together a post on IEnumerable and IEnumerator I was reminded of the subtleties of...

Author: mhop Date: 12/13/2006

MSDN Community Content

MSDN recently added Wiki functionality to the portion of the site dealing with Visual Studio 2005...

Author: mhop Date: 12/08/2006

Home Automation Part 2 – Making Basic Measurements

  In the previous installment I described my decision to build a temperature and humidity...

Author: mhop Date: 12/06/2006

MSDN Online Chat: LINQ to SQL

Members of the C# team will be hosting an online chat session about LINQ to SQL on Tuesday, December...

Author: mhop Date: 12/03/2006

Programming Projects

Home Automation Home Automation Part 1 - Burning $200 of propane Home Automation Part 2 - Making...

Author: mhop Date: 12/01/2006

New for Visual Studio 2005

IDE Features New For VS2005 - Abstract Stub Generation Language Features (coming soon)

Author: mhop Date: 12/01/2006

New For VS2005 - Abstract Stub Generation

Visual Studio 2005 includes a new feature to generate stubs for methods in an abstract base class....

Author: mhop Date: 11/30/2006

VS 2005 IDE Tour

Karen Liu, a C# IDE program manager recently sent me the specs for all of the new C# IDE features in...

Author: mhop Date: 11/29/2006

Home Automation Part 1 - Burning $200 of propane

I like to use my knowledge of technology to solve problems outside of work. In this series I explain...

Author: mhop Date: 11/27/2006


Hi. I’m Michael Hopcroft, the new Product Unit Manager for Visual C#. I started the job a few weeks...

Author: mhop Date: 11/27/2006