Besides Visual Studio, what’s a software engineer’s best friend?

On his blog titled “Progressive Development,” Microsoft software engineer James Waletzky chronicles the adventures of Motley and Maven, two fictional software developers who engage in an ongoing, entertaining dialogue about the best and worst practices of their profession.

This week, Motley and Maven discuss developer productivity tools. While one is skeptical, the other points out how OneNote 2007 can be a developer’s best friend:

Motley: “OneNote is just like Microsoft Word. It’s not a place where a developer should be spending time!”

Maven: “OneNote is perfectly suited to feature teams and developers! It provides a simple, organized, efficient, and easy-to-manage method of organizing ideas and general content. It is a developer’s best friend!”

You know, I think Maven is on to something! He goes on to say that he thinks OneNote 2007 is “the greatest application that Microsoft has ever shipped.” I may be a little biased, but I couldn’t agree more. ;-)

Check out the entire post here — it’s worth reading and sharing with your colleagues. Nicely done, James!

To learn more about James’ blog, check out the About page on his site.