Love OneNote? Show your support!

Each month, as I go through customer comments and feedback here on my blog and from the articles on the Office Online site, there’s a recurring theme that we on the OneNote team never grow tired of hearing: Our customers really love OneNote. If you count yourself among those of us who can’t live without OneNote, it’s now easier than ever to show your support.

Office 2007 Help

An official Facebook group staffed by Office Online writers and editors just like me. Got a question about any of the Office programs? Have a tip to share? Know of any good blogs or Web sites that offer useful Office tutorials, videos, or articles? Found a new favorite feature or shortcut that saves you tons of time? Post everything here and join the discussion with other Office users on Facebook. It’s all free!

In Praise of OneNote

A fan group of Facebook members who have banded together to praise all that is OneNote 2007. Check out what other fans have to say about your favorite Office program!

OneNote Flair

With the Pieces of Flair application on Facebook, you can send a variety of buttons with pictures and logos of your favorites and share them with your friends. When I noticed that OneNote was absent from the selection, I decided to make my own:

Get your OneNote flair!

If you’re signed in on Facebook, you can add this button to your corkboard by visiting the following link:

Want more? Got more?

Got your own links to share with the OneNote community? If you know of any great blogs, Web sites, fan pages, OneNote gurus, or any other useful community content that’s not listed here, leave a comment in this post with details, so that other readers can check it out!