Need help learning OneNote 2010 Beta?

OneNote 2010 Beta Documentation web site

Depending on its complexity, Beta software typically offers little (if any) documentation. Too much can change during and after the Beta testing phase, and it takes a long time to put together a complete set of Help content.

For OneNote 2010 Beta, we’re trying something a bit different. There’s been such an unprecedented interest in OneNote, we’ve decided to post drafts of some of our documentation over the coming weeks and months to help you come up to speed with the new version and to give you an opportunity to comment on this Help content. I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of our new OneNote 2010 Beta Documentation site. If you frequently use the Help system in Office applications, please consider reviewing our Beta documentation and participate in the feedback process. It’s a great opportunity to help us deliver a great set of OneNote 2010 documentation.

You can simply browse to this site whenever you want, or you can press the F1 key in the OneNote 2010 Beta client to open it. A few articles are already available and we’re doing our best to strike the right balance between old and new features. Again, your feedback counts, so please let us know what features you most want to know about.

There are two special articles that I hope you’ll take a look at:

  • Frequently Asked Questions This living document will be updated frequently with common questions that we’re receiving about the OneNote 2010 Beta, about the Office 2010 Beta in general, and also about the Beta Documentation web site. Please have a look at this article now and again to catch up on important news.
  • Documentation Request If there are any OneNote 2010 Beta features, tasks, or scenarios that you could use some help with, post a comment on the site to suggest documentation opportunities. We’ll definitely look at such requests when deciding in what order new OneNote 2010 documentation will be written and released.

Thanks for trying out the OneNote 2010 Beta. A lot of people here have worked very hard to make it great and we really appreciate all of you checking it out and helping us test it.

By the way, if you’re not participating in the Beta, there’s no need to feel left out. We have plenty of free OneNote 2007 documentation and training materials available on the Office Online site — including Help articles, overviews, training courses, templates, and video demos.

Here are some OneNote 2007 shortcuts for you: