SPN name Changes

It should be a common installation scenario to have NAV 2009 components installed on three different machines, one for the database hosted by SQL Server, one for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server (middle tier server) and the corresponding client machines. This installation is explained in MSDN “How To: Set Up Delegation”, however, what I wanted to talk about is the difference in SPN naming from 6.0 RTM and 6.0 SP1 (or hotfixes which are build 28795 or higher).

The names used before were in the format “NAVSERV_DynamicsNAV/NAVSERV.yourDomain.yourCompany.com:7046”, the new name conventions are:

“DynamicsNAV/NAVSERV.yourDomain.yourCompany.com:7046”, and



Both names should be registered, to minimize possible issues.

This change should simplify the “Three tiers” installation in relatively complex name networks, for instance, when it contains multiple A or CNAME records.

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