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Simple-Talk Awards: T-SQL Querying wins Best Database Book

The Simple Talk award for the best database book published in the past year has been awarded to T-SQL Querying , by Itzik Ben-Gan, Adam Machanic, Dejan Sarka and Kevin Farlee! Congrats to our amazing authors!

Each year, the Simple-Talk Awards seek to recognize the people, tools, and technology that have made the biggest difference to the SQL Community in the past year. Here’s their explanation as to why they awarded T-SQL Querying with this award:

It is rare to have such an obvious candidate for Database Book of the Year, but this book has been so popular with database professionals that it was inevitably going to get the votes. Not intended for beginners (who would be better off with Itzik's Microsoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals), this book deals with more advanced SQL techniques for readers who are already confident with the SQL language. Being the development of three previous books (T-SQL Querying (2009) , T-SQL Programming (2009) , and T-SQL Using Window Functions (2012) ), this installment is up to date with SQL 2014, including Window Functions, columnstore technology, in-memory OLTP, changes to the cardinality estimator, and sequences.

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