Build it, run it, host it on Azure - make a Web game live in under an hour!

Grab your PC device of choice and learn how to build a web game in real time, step by step using Microsoft Azure. Lilian Kasem and Lee Stott, Microsoft UK Technical Evangelists, have set aside an hour just to walk you through building a web page and then learning how to run and host it in the cloud.

You’ll need Visual Studio 2015, a GitHub account and client, Node JS and Manifold JS, and your Microsoft Azure account (you can activate your Azure student offer here). Don’t know how to use these tools?  Don’t worry – Lee and Lilian will walk you through every step for getting started with the tools you'll need. They’ll also guide you through the Azure and Visual Studio interface as they build a simple and fun web game.

After you’ve built your web game, Lilian and Lee show you how to turn that game into an app for Windows, iOS, Andriod and Chrome using Node JS.