Perfwiz for Exchange 2010

NOTE: This version of Perfwiz has been replaced by a newly written script that is talked about in

  1. Download the appropriate version of Perfwiz for your server

    How to download
    To download these XML files to your computer, right click the file of your choice, select Save Target As... , and then save it to a directory location of your choice on your Exchange Server

    Role Based
    Use these as a high level look in to how the server is performing and if you need to branch out with more counters, use the Full Counter/Instance set below.

    Other roles coming soon....

    All Counters/All Instances
    Use this counter set at your own discretion as this could potentially cause performance degradation on your server trying to log this amount of counters.


  2. Open Performance Monitor

  3. Expand Reliability and Performance and then expand Data Collector Sets

  4. Right click User Defined,Select New, and then Data Collector Set

  5. Enter a unique name for this Data Collector set (ie. ExPerfwiz), select Create from a template (Recommended) and then click Next

  6. Select the Browse button, navigate to the XML file that was saved in Step 1, select Open

  7. Select Next on the next screen

  8. Enter in a root Directory of where you would like to store the performance log files. Click Next

  9. If you need to run this performance log under different credentials, enter it on this page. Click Finish