Finding Your App Purchase History

I’d never given this any thought until I had to do a hard reset on my HTC Trophy just before we made available Beta 2 of the Mango OS. Of course I lost my apps. I found myself scratching my head trying to remember all the apps I had installed.

Of course the big ones are easy (Twitter, Facebook, 4th & Mayor, Wordament, Animal Sounds) but many apps I relied upon, but didn’t use very often simply escaped me.

I got by, installing the apps as and when the need arose but today I pondered the problem a little more. Of course there’s a purchase history for your account you can access it via Zune. That would be an easy way for me to pick out the apps I *really* need to have installed and make sure they’re available when I want them.

In the Zune client head over to: settings –> account –> purchase history –> apps

You'll see something akin to this

Zune App Purchases