Calgary Offering 1 Day EA Course

The Canadian IT Architecture Connection blog posted about a one day EA course that may be interesting to folks in that area. See below for details:

Phil Unger, from the Calgary Enterprise Architecture Forum, is organizing a one-day course focused on developing the skills Architects require in their day to day work. The course will run March 4th, 2009 in Calgary. If you are interested, please contact Phil or Craig for the abstract and registration details.

This course provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the subject
areas related to enterprise architecture plus technical and business opportunities and
industry trends.

The course, delivered by Jamshid A. Vayghan Ph. D, will cover topics in Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architecture frameworks, Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture and the unique aspects of enterprise architecture and development.

Taken directly from the abstract, the following are the key benefits to Architects:

  1. What is enterprise architecture and its importance in the current business
    environment? We will discuss barriers, opportunities, risks for implementation of
    an enterprise architecture program and ways to overcome them. We will also
    discuss how to identify the scope of an enterprise architecture to make sure it
    aligns with business strategy plus ways to identify business values from an
    enterprise architecture program.
  2. How to recognize the need for enterprise architecture in an exiting organization
    and ways to create a proposal for an enterprise architecture initiative.
  3. You will learn an implementation methodology that you can use to initiate an
    enterprise architecture program.
  4. You will learn Service Oriented Architecture and how to use it to design and
    implement enterprise applications.
  5. You will learn three enterprise architecture frameworks and how and when to use
    them: Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework, The Open Group
    Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Enterprise Architecture Cube methodology
  6. You will learn why governance and standards are as important to development of
    enterprise application and architecture as technical architecture is.
  7. You will hear from an industry professional with practical experience in initiating
    and developing an enterprise architecture program.
  8. How to extend what you learned in the software engineering, software
    architecture, and project management courses to the enterprise application
    development and architecture domains.

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