I’m Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

It’s official. I’ll be at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference September 15th – 17th in Washington DC. This will be a great conference. There are a lot of great speakers and sessions and the focus on best practices will cut out all the fluff. If you are an ITPro focused on SharePoint/SQL/Storage design, availability, performance, or administration come check out my sessions on:

Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning - Mike Watson

(ITP433, CIO433, PM433)

The topics of capacity planning and performance monitoring will be presented together because much of the foundation is the same. Performance counters that are used for testing a farm's capacity are also used to monitor the performance of the farm. In fact, some of the capacity planning metrics will help define the baseline used for performance monitoring. For example, we will show you how to test the capacity of your farm for Web requests using performance counters. We will then use those performance tests results to define the baseline for monitoring those servers for adequate performance. You will be presented with best practices for Hardware and software boundaries, Planning using System Center Capacity Planner 2007, Testing using Visual Studio 2008, and Monitoring using native and 3rd party tools.

Best Practices for Data Protection, Recovery, and Availability - Mike Watson

(ITP432, CIO432, PM432)

If Server 2007 is a critical component in an organization's infrastructure, it is imperative to properly plan, design, implement, and maintain a data protection, recovery, and availability plan. Simply backing up and restoring via Central Administration is insufficient to fully restore data in all but the simplest implementations. Because SharePoint Server 2007 usually consists of multiple, interconnected systems and dependencies, we will focus on the planning and designing processes first, and then focus on the individual components that make up a SharePoint Server 2007 server farm. The following topics will be presented: Planning for recovery and availability, Designing for high availability, Backup and restore strategies, and Recovering from disasters.

Intranet, Extranet, and Internet Best Practices - Ben Curry/Mike Watson

(ITP431, CIO431, PM431)

Web application best practices are the foundation for any Intranet, Extranet, or Internet SharePoint Server 2007 implementation. Many best practices, including content database, Internet Information Services, Web application policies, authentication, client integration, and farm topologies, will be discussed along with some possible scenarios to begin and refine your design. In addition, we will discuss best practices for sharing information over the Internet for collaboration, as well as Internet-facing sites for anonymous users.

IT PRO Experts Panel - Bob Fox/Mike Watson/Daniel Webster/Tom Wisnowski

Good luck trying to find a problem that this team can not fix. Bring your trickiest problems and let these top experts work with you on them.