New! HTML 5 and CSS: Six Complete Lessons

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist

HTML 5 coupled with CSS is emerging as the new hot development language. I am delighted to announce that we have created six complete lessons that cover the most interesting and dynamic new features of HTML 5 that are ready to drop into a web development or intro programming course. Each lesson comes with instructor PowerPoint slides, a complete reading assignment with hands-on examples, including the files and assets to use in each assignment. A single lesson has enough content for a 75-100 minute class session, and the hands-on examples are great for either a lab session or homework assignment.

The six lessons are:

Lesson 1 – Defining HTML 5
Lesson 2 – Fundamentals of HTML 5, XHTML, and CSS
Lesson 3 – Introduction to CSS Layout
Lesson 4 – Using HTML 5 Markup
Lesson 5 – Working with Canvas
Lesson 6 – HTML 5 Multi-Media and Drag and Drop

This content is available to faculty (and students/hobbyist/pros) at no charge and can be downloaded from here:

With these lessons it is easy to update your curriculum (or resume) with the latest technology. Not faculty or a student? These lessons are a great way to self-study and get up to speed on the latest development language.

What tools can you use? Early in 2011 Microsoft Visual Studio released service packs for VS 2010 and Expression Studio 4. For more information about using Microsoft’s developer tools for HTML 5 programming, check out Brandon Satrom’s great MSDN Magazine article “Building Apps with HTML 5: What You Need to Know”:

Need the tools? You can get Microsoft Webmatrix (along with some great HTML 5 learning content from here: and here: .