Upgrade vs. Migration: Server Move

This is the fourth blog post in a series about Upgrade and Migration for TFS.

There are some customers that present migration scenarios that are focused on hardware changes:

“I want to migrate my TFS server to a new set of hardware”

In the case of an upgrade to TFS 2010 being performed in conjunction with a hardware move, the steps to Move a Team Project Collection as described in the consolidation scenario can be used. The difference in this scenario is that the second server that will use the new hardware will not have any TPCs created until the TPC from the old server is moved onto it. Using the TPC move process also has the advantage that it can be done “offline”, which can be useful if both servers will not be active at the same time.

If upgrade is not an objective, or if the move is to be performed on a 2008 or 2005 server, see the MSDN documentation to Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another.  Another useful resource if an upgrade to TFS 2008 is being performed is the blog post on Upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2008 while Changing Servers.