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How to extend the MDT 2010 database with custom settings

Add a new column to the settings table (can be done with SQL Management Studio) Capture


Give it a name and specify a datatype Capture2


Run the following stored procedure against the MDT database

EXECUTE sp_refreshview '[dbo].[ComputerSettings]'
EXECUTE sp_refreshview '[dbo].[LocationSettings]'
EXECUTE sp_refreshview '[dbo].[MakeModelSettings]'
EXECUTE sp_refreshview '[dbo].[RoleSettings]'

Edit the customsettings.ini with the new column

Under the [Settings] section add your column name to the properties line



Now its possible to add a value to the column you added.



To test this run: cscript ZTIGather.wsf /inifile:E:\deployshare\CustomSettings.ini from the scripts directory and point to the customsettings.ini file that is configured with the settings to query the MDT database.





Now we can see that the property CustomCollection002 is set to C0010000


To reference the new value you would use the variable %CustomCollection002%


For more information see the section “Extending the Schema of the MDT DB” in “Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.docx” that can be downloaded here: Optional - MDT 2010 Print-Ready Documentation