Want to sell Azure but don't know where to start?

And don't forget - you can try one of our ready-to-go Azure campaigns here. They've got everything you could possibly need for selling with Microsoft. Thanks for reading.

Okay, that's not the end of the blog post. But isn't it nice when you've got everything you need up front?

This blog post is about Azure - the platform for building, deploying, and managing in the cloud. It's going to cover why your customers might want to buy Azure from you. Then it'll show you how you can start selling faster, with our ready-to-go campaigns.

The ready-to-go platform

For customers who want to turn an idea into an app, Azure is everything they could possibly need to get started . It's the same if they want to reimagine a system they're running. Or create a hybrid cloud application. Actually, Azure can do quite a lot for your customers, because it's so many things.



Your customers can get started straight away, with the dev tools and language of their choice. The included Visual Studio Mobile Station will even automate builds and testing - so apps get into the hands of users faster, too.



Whether your customers want to deploy on private or public clouds, the Azure
Stack makes sure every user gets the same experience from their apps.




When it's time to improve, your customers can be sure they're adjusting where it counts. Azure gives them the insight into their apps they need to make them great.




Azure is in 42 regions. That's more than any other cloud provider. And with 62 compliance offerings, ours is the largest portfolio in the market. No wonder 90% of the Fortune 500 trust Microsoft cloud.


How to get started

Azure is good for your business, too. It's the most trusted, open, and flexible cloud platform. Whether it's for cloud app development, cloud and infrastructure, data and AI, or security, you'll be able to give your customers an Azure package that works for them.

But with such a broad range of uses, selling it might seem like something that requires a lot of work. Not so. With our ready-to-go campaigns, and the support of our training, it's easy to build up your knowledge, and start selling.

With the ready-to-go campaigns, you've got a clear view of the Azure value proposition, so you can clearly and concisely communicate the benefits to your customers. There are key differentiators for you to use when you get talking to different audiences, as well as tips for handling objections. And a guide for adding the value of your own business to the value of Azure.

And the ready-to-go campaigns aren't just for Azure. You can find campaigns by product or by sector. There are kits for everything from Office products like Microsoft Teams to solutions like Microsoft 365. Sales presentations, battlecards, e-books, and more.

So, for everything you could possibly need for selling with Microsoft, start here.