Acceptance Testing Guidance

On Monday, Grigori and I kicked off a new project: Acceptance Testing Guidance

Actually, we kicked off a pre-project planning project. In two to three weeks, we need to decide if there is enough demand for guidance on acceptance testing to warrant a real project, determine the scope of the project, generate a preliminary backlog for the project, and a rough release plan, and ensure we understand the space enough to move forward, and estimate a budget and timeframe.

We have some ideas, but we are open to input. I have a few questions for the world to help us get started:

  • What kind of guidance around testing, and particularly acceptance testing, would you like to see?
  • What questions do you want us to answer around testing and acceptance testing?
  • Do you think there is a need for guidance in this area?

Please use the Comments feature to reply, and I will consolidate responses.  We will also have a survey (soon I hope) that I will post links to.