Data Access Guidance Refresh

Over the last few weeks (in my copious spare time between midnight and six in the morning), I have been updating the Data Access Guidance code base to VS2010B2 in prepration for a few talks I am giving on Data Access patterns.  As soon as I am happy with the code, I will post something on our the project's codeplex site at .Unfortunately, there were enough changes between beta1 and beta2 that this has been a bit more work that I anticipated.  However these changes will allow me to remove a fair bit of code that we had put in around dealing with foreign keys in POCO scenarios, as that functionality is in Beta2.

Additionally, as soon as I have a chance (again in my spare time when I should be sleeping), I will continue the process and get the code working under VS2010 RC. 

Also, you should see Don's response to some questions on the Data Access project site ( around what happened to the project and why these updates are happening opportunistically as opposed to as part of my day job. :-)