Finally, a common Service Locator

I know that this is old news by now, but Chris Tavares, Glenn Block, and a few others around here have been working with a number of folks from the wider .NET community to create a common wrapper for IoC containers.  Chris & Glenn created a community site ( and shipped it about two weeks ago (

Here are a few more posts about it:

The interface itself is pretty darned simple, and creating a wrapper around any IoC implementation should be pretty darned simple. 

Personally, I think this is great, as it will allow us developers at p&p a way to easily create guidance using DI/IoC without tying our users to a particular container implementation, which has been a long requested feature. I know Prism did a great job with this concept already, and created their own facade, but this is a further step in the right direction as the broader DI/IoC community seems to be behind it.  When/If I get a chance to work on WCSF again, I'll definitely go about hiding the container behind this interface.