The future of WPF Guidance

There is a lot of new information, all announced today, about the future of Acropolis, CAB, and WPF guidance from patterns & practices.  This comes about after a lot of internal discussions between the patterns & practices Client / User Experience team and the Acropolis team.

If you want to know what is going on, start with the Acropolis team blog, and their article A new phase for the Acropolis project.  Then read Glenn's post, WPF Composite Client, it's coming! 

Between the two, there is a lot of information: how things have changed with Acropolis, a little bit of guidance about what to do now with apps you are developing, and the future plans of p&p and Acropolis.

If you have feedback, either post comments here, add comments to Glenn's post, or send email to Glenn (his address is at the end of his post).


[Note: Blaine also is linking to these articles in his own post.]