Presentations at SQLPASS 2005 (Grapevine, Tx)

As many others in the SQL Server community, I have travelled to Grapevine, Texas to attend and present at this year's SQLPASS 2005 (site seems down while I write this). Since some people were unable to attend or had to leave early, I am now giving an additional presentation on Friday:

Friday, September 30228: SQL Server 2005: Deep Dive Into XQuery

Michael Rys, Microsoft Corporation
4:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.; Texas 1-2

Note that this presentation is basically my PDC 2005 talk, that I will slightly adjust on the fly depending on how many people have attended the other XML and XQuery related talks. The goal is to make it complementary (while providing a bit of overlap for those that have not seen the other presentations).

Please continue here for a quick overview of talks at SQLPASS that should be of interest in people that want to understand the XML support in SQL Server 2005...