Why are you searching for "sp_xml_preparedocument Failed load msxmlsql"?

Since we got "upgraded" from .Text to Community server, we are not getting good referrer log information anymore. However, since I added some additional traffic tracking I can see a bit better again, what people are looking for(still not as good as .Text.

And one of the most surprising aspects (beyond those that search my name for whatever reason...), is that quite a few queries search for something along the line of "sp_xml_preparedocument Failed load msxmlsql".

Now we had some problems in the April CTP of SQL Server 2005 with non-standard installations. But that was fixed and that problem could not affect the SQL Server 2000 SP4 release due to the different setup. Now it looks like people still seem to be running into some problem. Since we cannot repro it here at the "farm", I would like to ask you that, if have the problem, you please contact me with the following information:

  1. What version of SQL Server did you install?
  2. What SKU was it? Was it slipstreamed MSDE SP4, Enterprise RTM + SP4 etc.?
  3. Was it a fresh install or an upgrade?
  4. Please search your machine to find out whether or not MSXMLSQL.DLL and MSXMLSQL.RLL actually were installed and what path they were actually installed to.
  5. If you have used an unattended install file, please include a copy.

With your help, we can hopefully get to the bottom of this and reduce the searches for "failed to load msxmlsql".