Introducing Minify!

Summary: Learn about how Minify summarizes search results to make them easier to understand.

I’m happy to announce the latest feature for log search, Minify.

Minify groups OMS log search results to reduce event noise and give a summarized view of your search results. You can "Minify" a search query by selecting the Minify tab at the top of log search:

Screenshot of the location of the Minify tab.

The following screenshot is the result of me “Minifying” my Windows event log errors and warnings for the past 24 hours in my workspace:

Screenshot that shows results of “Minifying” Windows event log errors and warnings.

Minify has found 119 different groups of Windows events in my workspace. This is a great way to summarize my results.

I can adjust how similar I want the events to be in my groups with the sensitivity slider. The lower the sensitivity, the more events will be grouped together. However, lowering this too much could group events that are not similar at all and would not be grouped usefully.

Screenshot of the sensitivity slider.

Minify also detects similar variables found within your events and groups events. You can see them when you select one of the asterisk (*) buttons in your group if it has them. While looking at a variable’s value (example – {7020F…}), you can click it to filter your search results to the specific 11 events that contain {7020F…}. To see all 117 events found within that entire group, select See more.

Screenshot of filtered results.

We currently support "Minifying" on the following types over these fields:

Type Field 1
Alert AlertDescription
AlertHistory AlertDescription
Event RenderedDescription
Syslog Message

We hope to expand on Minify, such as allowing you to create custom fields directly from the variables found within the event groups.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. So please feel free to email me here at for Minify feedback, or use the feedback button in the OMS portal.


Evan Hissey
Program Manager
Microsoft Operations Management Suite