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Use Operations Management Suite to monitor containers on Azure Container Service with Mesosphere DC/OS

Hello everyone. This is Keiko again. We’ve got such a great response on the Container solution that we’ve extended this effort into Azure Container Service. As you are aware, Azure Container Service provides a pre-built container deployment infrastructure platform with the choice of an orchestrator that includes DC/OS and Docker Swarm. For our initial effort with Azure Container Service, we’ve integrated our solution as part of the Mesosphere Universe on DC/OS.

Illustration of integration of solution as part of the Mesosphere universe on DC/OS

More benefit to customer using Azure Container Service DC/OS

Because containers can be created and destroyed any time, monitoring Docker containers has been a pain. This monitoring issue gets even more painful as you scale your environment and increase containers.

With Operations Management Suite (OMS) Container solution residing along with Azure Container Service DC/OS on Azure, Docker containers in Azure Container Service DC/OS can be monitored in a centralized location. It provides customers with the container performance metrics, logs analysis, container image inventories, and events.

Illustration of how Docker containers can be monitored in a central location

This can be done with very few steps. All you have to do is select the package in DC/OS Universe as you see in the following screenshot.

Selecting a package in DC/OS universe

Containerized OMS Agent for Linux instance gets installed on every private and public agent when you configure. This monitoring instance can scale as the Azure Container Service DC/OS environment scales, so you do not have to install it each time.

Currently, we support both Azure Container Service DC/OS 1.7.3 and 1.8.4 versions.

For details about how to set up OMS on Azure Container Service DC/OS, see Using OMS to monitor container applications on ACS DC/OS.

More feature enhancements

In addition to Azure Container Service DC/OS support, we have added more features.

  • Enriched Container Solution user interface
    • Container Lifecycle view from create, start, and finish
    • Efficient Container Monitoring Image Tag view
    • Container Computer and Memory Usage view
  • Enhanced log collection using journald
  • Simplified Installation – universal setting for log-driver is no longer required.

Table view of monitored containers Data for CPU, memory, and computer performance

We will progressively add new features and are open to feedback. For more information about our features, please go to the Container Solution documentation and Release Notes.

How do I try this?

Get a free Microsoft Operations Management + Security (#MSOMS) subscription so that you can test the Container Monitoring Solution features. You can also get a free subscription for Microsoft Azure.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter and the Microsoft OMS Facebook site. If you want to learn more about Container Solution and OMS, visit the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog.

How can I give you guys feedback?

There are a few different routes to give feedback:

Your feedback is most important to us. If you see any features you like that are not here, we like to hear that from you as well.

Keiko Harada
Program Manager
Microsoft Operations Management Team