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What is Operations Management Suite? Get an overview at Ignite


Operations Management Suite (OMS) is one of the fastest growing set of cloud management services in the market today. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen tremendous momentum as the total number of OMS customers has increased by over 164 percent. Operations Management Suite is a leader in disaster recovery as a service as more customers choose Azure for their site recovery and backup services. And we keep adding new functionality and features, including security management, network performance monitoring, and more to be announced at Ignite this week.

Join Jeremy Winter, Director of Product Management for Enterprise Cloud, in the Overview of Operations Management Suite session at Microsoft Ignite to learn about the exciting new technologies. Explore how you can tackle multiple challenges facing IT operations in the cloud-first world. With capabilities spanning analytics, automation, configuration, security, backup and disaster recovery, OMS is the operations management platform designed for speed and agility. As a SaaS solution, OMS can be set up within minutes, giving you immediate visibility across your environment. Whether you are managing Windows Server or Linux, private or public clouds, OMS can give you a unified approach that lets you meet the unique requirements of your business.

Stream Ignite sessions live to learn more about exciting announcements for Microsoft operations management solutions and hybrid cloud offerings. Visit the OMS Experience Center today to test our Azure-based management solutions. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates @MSCloudMgmt.

Enterprise Cloud Management Team