MIX08 Show Off Winners

It's hard to believe that MIX08 is over. I was involved in so many aspects of the event that it seems like I attended in some parallel universe! At least I got to see many of you there.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for Show Off. Thomas and I weeded out the less inspiring entries and ended up with the 16 videos we showed on Thursday night. The room wasn't completely packed, but we had strong attendance, and our audience was pumped-up and supportive. It was great to hear applause after each video.

We tallied up the results, and here are the top five submissions (as voted by the audience):

  1. Crayon Physics Deluxe - like many of the comments on the voting forms, I want this game now!
  2. Real Time Physics in Silverlight - a very cool open source physics library for Silverlight hosted on CodePlex
  3. Wii Data Visualization and Multipoint Nonsense - using the Wii for some Minority Report fun
  4. 40 - My Life in Silverlight 2 - probably the only computer application that's ever caused me to have this kind of emotional reaction
  5. Social Retailing - how we'll shop for clothes in the future

The top three will each receive a $500 gift card to spend on whatever they'd like. Congratulations to all three of them!

If you missed Show Off at MIX08, don't worry. We're planning another Show Off event at PDC08 this October. There's plenty of time to think about what you might submit.