TechEd Europe – DEV305 – Introduction to Parallel Programming – Session Demos Download

I was just coming back from my first session at TechEd on parallel programming before I started blogging again. That might be because I fell much better after this first session at the conference. It was such a great fun doing it, I was in a room that was for more than 900 people and the room was packed with attendees until the very first minute, I think no one left. So I finally hope the people liked the session… given the fact that I am also responsible for the architecture track it is really a challenge doing that all together in a week…

With this blog-post I want to provide the sample-code that I’ve created during the presentation. The presentation-material is available through the TechEd network:

Click here to get to the download of the sample-code for my parallel-computing session.

Here is a picture to give you a sense of how great it was being here one more time at TechEd (and I don’t know if there will be a further time I will go – time is changing…). Thanks a lot to all attendees for your interest and for staying in the session – I really enjoyed it and I hope you learned something out of it, as well!!


If you have any questions, feel free getting back to meWinking smile!!