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Around The World With MVPs: MS Cloud Summit Paris


Almost 800 technology enthusiasts gathered in Paris last week for the MS Cloud Summit, a community conference buzzing with talk of Microsoft, Cloud and Hybrid technologies. The conference was the biggest event ever put on by Microsoft communities in France, as hundreds more participants than expected came out to share in the excitement.

Communities GUSS, CMD, AZUG FR, aOS (azure, Office 365, SharePoint), and Agile.Net France combined their strengths to organize the conference, which boasted an incredible 7 tracks and 72 sessions about Microsoft Cloud Technologies - from Data Platform, Office 365, to SharePoint. The summit also featured a full-day pre-conference, which drew over a dozen recognized international experts to deliver intuitive workshops.

Even more, MS Cloud Summit featured some amazing speakers! Microsoft Corporate Vice President Julia White presented on the direction of the Microsoft Cloud, and General Manager for Database Systems Rohan Kumar spoke about what patterns will emerge with the marriage of advanced intelligence, the cloud, IoT and Big Data. The Summit also saw more than 40 MVP/RD speakers from France and around the world.

If you speak French, don’t forget to listen to the podcasts recorded at the conference with ITcast and Podcast aOS, to hear some interviews with participants and speakers. 

And check out some of the best moments, as well of slides of the sessions, from MS Cloud Summit here!