Bringing Communities Together: Xamarin MVPs Join the Microsoft MVP Award Program

The Microsoft MVP Award Program and Xamarin MVP Program share a common bond in recognizing leaders who make outstanding contributions to the technical communities. In fact, the Xamarin developer community was inspired by its Microsoft counterpart, and we've taken steps to bring our communities closer together, including recognizing Microsoft MVPs for their work with Xamarin.  

With agility in our DNA, we’re continuing to move forward in our mission to recognize the very best community leaders. With such great similarity between the programs, it's now time to focus our attention on advancing together.   

Today we are pleased to announce an exciting addition with the integration of Xamarin MVPs into the MVP Award Program. As Jayme Singleton, Business Program Manager for Xamarin, best said:

“We’re keeping up with the momentum of Microsoft MVP Award Program by uniting two amazing groups of influencers: Xamarin MVPs and those in the Microsoft MVP Program. Without a doubt, this merge will strengthen the entire MVP community and we are excited to continue supporting everyone’s growth as technical experts.” 

Beginning today all currently active Xamarin MVPs will be recognized as Microsoft MVPs under the Visual Studio and Development Technologies award category.  The newly awarded Xamarin MVPs will now have access to all the benefits such as technical subscriptions, direct connection to Microsoft product groups, and the exclusive opportunity to attend the Global MVP Summit. All of this is part of our ongoing commitment to foster a strong and vibrant community, supported by new learning opportunities and a rich experience in community. 

The MVP Award program is constantly evolving, and we’re so excited to bring our technical leaders closer together with this latest change. Here’s to an even stronger MVP community, and to more amazing contributions to come.