Today We Kick Off Our First Annual Award Cycle. Congratulations to all Renewing MVPs!

The day has finally arrived! We’re excited to recognize nearly 1400 renewing and 36 new Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals for their contributions to the Microsoft community.

These technical experts have received the MVP Award for their deep commitment to technology, and for eagerly sharing their knowledge of Microsoft solutions with the world. Through speaking engagements, providing expert feedback, contributing content, organizing events and more, MVPs play a huge role in pushing the global tech community forward. Since February 2017, the MVP Program has awarded and announced new MVPs every month - it’s what we call ‘near real time.’ However today marks the first time we’re celebrating all renewing MVPs with just one annual award cycle! This change aims to unify the program and provide a more consistent experience to our MVPs.

MVPs are nominated by Microsoft team members, other community members, and sometimes themselves. They are evaluated based on technical expertise, leadership, and their generous community contributions. Enterprise Mobility MVP Kim Oppalfens has received the MVP Award 13 times in 12 years - based in Belgium, Kim said he still waits anxiously for the renewal mail and is always relieved when the confirmation comes in. 

He adds that between live events like the MVP Summit as well as the digital world, the MVP title provides lots of opportunities to make connections. "There's a wealth of knowledge out there at my disposal with people I can contact through mail, Skype, Twitter and what not. So in short it means a lot, which is why each renewal means so much."

Check out some more MVP buzz on Twitter below!

10 years - what a journey! Thank you Microsoft & everyone in the community! #MVPBuzz #MVPAward

— Agnes Molnar (@molnaragnes) July 1, 2017

Just received confirmation: re-awarded as a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP for a 5th year! Thanks @microsoftcanada #mvpaward

— Chantal Bosse (@CHABOS) July 1, 2017

9 consecutive years as a Microsoft MVP. Thank you @MVPAward, it's awesome to be amongst so many great professionals! #mvpaward

— Rodrigo Díaz Concha (@rdiazconcha) July 1, 2017

Yay! #Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 4th time! Thanks you @MVP award @VisualStudio! Honored! Congrats to my other MVP friends..

— Utkarsh Shigihalli (@onlyutkarsh) July 1, 2017

I'm very happy that I got the Microsoft @MVPAward for 2017-2018! Congrats to all new and re-newed MVPs! #wpdev #MVPBuzz #uwp #xaml

— Thomas Cl. Huber (@thomasclaudiush) July 1, 2017

Want to become an MVP, or know someone who’d be a good fit? Learn what it takes to become one here, and then head to our nomination page. If you haven’t been renewed as an MVP this time around, don’t forget to check out MVP Reconnect - Microsoft’s program to bring together former MVPs.