Thinking Inside The Cloud: DevOps Summit Brazil

[caption id="attachment_22575" align="alignnone" width="900"]screen-shot-2017-04-20-at-3-38-03-pm Photo: A room full of participants listen to the keynote by MVPs Evilázaro Alves and Igor Abade[/caption]

In today’s transformative tech ecosystem, organizations are required to bring solutions to market faster, deliver continuous value, and drive innovative to stay on the competitive edge.

And in an effort to develop amazing solutions, many leading teams are thinking inside the cloud. By participating in the cloud-based economy and DevOps culture, organizations and development teams now engage in a more agile development approach, and collaborate to deliver world-changing solutions. And while development trends do come and go, it’s fair to say this one’s going to stick.

The tech community in São Paulo, Brazil came together to explore all things DevOps earlier this month at the DevOps Summit Brazil. The event was held at the Microsoft office in the city, and saw almost 500 participants over two days! The first day focused on business development, while the second honed in on technical skills and featured four tracks - within them, more than 40 technical experts presented on cloud technologies, modern development, continuous improvement and processes and practices.

Microsoft Azure MVP Evilázaro Alves and Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP Igor Abade led the keynote on the first day of the event, and shared their insights on how organizations can begin their DevOps journey. The second day also featured sessions by Emmanuel Brandão and Vinicius Moura, who are both Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVPs and co-organizers of DevOps Summit Brazil. Even more, the DevOps Summit featured presentations from Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft Donovan Brown - he spoke about Microsoft’s Agile Transformation story, and later delivered the second keynote about how to go from zero, to DevOps.

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