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Channel 9: Everyday I'm Shuffling (An alternative Approach To DevOps For Microsoft Dynamics 365)

Jonas Rapp is a developer and a first-year Business Solutions MVP with focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). He's worked with CRM for eight years and has continuously tried to improve our processes for build and deploy automation. Jonas has also produced internal frameworks for simplifying C# development on the platform, and worked with generic toolkits for our customer solutions. He's based in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow him on Twitter @rappen.

Configure A Build And Release Pipeline For Your SharePoint Framework Solution Deployments

Elio Struyf is an Office Servers and Services MVP and board member of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group). He works as a lead trainer and architect at U2U and is passionate about Office 365, SharePoint, Web and Azure development. Elio loves to share his knowledge via his blog or at various community events and conferences. Follow him on Twitter @eliostruyf.


How To Start With Azure Cloud Shell 

Robert Smit is a Senior Technical Evangelist at and is an 8-year Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. He's worked in IT for more than 20 years, with experience in the educational, health-care and finance industries. His past experience in the trenches of IT gives him the knowledge and insight to communicate effectively with IT professionals who are trying to address real concerns around business continuity, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance issues. His expertise lies in clustering, Storage Spaces, Scaleout Fileserver, SQL Server and Azure, among many other things. Follow him on Twitter @Clustermvp.


Part 1: How the Microsoft Bot Framework Changed Where My Friends And I Eat

Rion Williams is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Structure X. He lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA and is passionate about making the developer community a better place. He's frequently found answering questions on the ASP.NET Forums and Stack Overflow, writing blog posts, or contributing to a wide range of projects on GitHub. When he's offline, he loves spending time with his family, traveling, eating, watching sports, cooking, and reading. Follow him on Twitter @rionmonster.

What’s New In Microsoft Azure DevTest LABs, And More

James van den Berg has been working in ICT with Microsoft Technology since 1987. He works for the largest educational institution in Netherlands as an ICT Specialist, managing datacenters for students. He’s proud to have been a Cloud and Datacenter Management since 2011, and a Microsoft Azure Advisor for the community since February this year. In July 2013, James started his own ICT consultancy firm called HybridCloud4You, which is all about transforming datacenters with Microsoft Hybrid Cloud, Azure, AzureStack, Containers, and Analytics like Microsoft OMS Hybrid IT Management. Follow him on Twitter @ JamesvandenBerg and on his blog here.