MVP Daron Yondem's "Azure Academic Tour" has been a blast!


Coming back from Build 2016, Microsoft Azure MVP and Regional Director Daron Yöndem was so excited about the new product and service updates announced at the conference that he started an academic tour around Turkey. He visited eight cities hosting Azure sessions in eight different universities around nine events including Microsoft Tech Tour, an event driven by the local DX—reaching an audience of 547.

"This has been such an exciting month to go around and share what came out of the Build Conference this year. I’m very thankful to everyone who helped get these events organized. A special thanks goes to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) branches in every university I have visited. These students are simply rocking!" explained Daron. Well known as an expert and mentor within Turkey, social media throughout Turkey was buzzing from students showing their gratitude for Daron’s Microsoft Azure and Q&A sessions.

Daron is also vlogging his visits to universities on his YouTube channel, where has more than 8,000 subscribers watching his vlogs on tech events.

Finally, he also has nine more events scheduled for Marmara, Haliç, Gazi, Mersin, Osmangazi, Çanakkale, Fırat, and Istanbul universities as well as an event called “Voxxed Days,” expecting more than 700 attendees for the rest of May 2016.