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MVPs from around the world come together again for MMS 2015 in Minnesota!

Once again MVPs were front and center at the second annual Midwest Management Summit (MMS) 2015, a premier systems management community event which was held last week on November 9, 10 and 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

MVPs from across the United States and around the world were involved in making the event a huge success! There were a total of 138 sessions, which also included early morning birds of a feather sessions. MVPs made up well over half of the 75 speakers roster, which also included Microsoft engineers. The community-driven event attracted more than 500 attendees.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

 “Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable MVPs giving back to the community” "The pool of speakers were great. I like that we have a diverse set of people that work with customers everyday and share some of their experiences. It's also great that there is a strong Microsoft presence at MMS. It makes for a very well rounded conference.”

  “Great content, great networking, truly a fun/engaging/educational event”

  “An amazing opportunity to hear from the community’s biggest contributors.

  “Great content, great speakers, great way to meet people who have experience in these products we all so passionate about.”

  “The in depth technical knowledge available. Most presenters were excellent. The collection of MVPs, MS engineers combined with the detail level of presentations isn't something you get at every conference.”

  And here’s feedback from some MMS 2015 speakers:

  “Small event, everybody can talk to each other and the Q&A makes the event special.”

  “The attendees are a really interactive and happy group. Makes presenting and attending sessions a lot more engaging and fun.”

  “You're doing a fantastic job at reviving what was great about the Microsoft MMS conference that no longer exists. It's small enough to bring high value to the attendees and the speakers. And the audience was ENGAGED and at an appropriate skill level for the content I was presenting! I have delivered content to crowds that didn't volunteer responses to the questions asked, but at this event, the Q&A and discussions between speakers and attendees was just wonderful!”

Midwest Management Summit organizer Enterprise Mobility MVP Brian Mason also just announced the MMS conference will return to the Mall of America next year on May 17, 18 and 19, . “This helps get us away from the cold of November, gives us the opportunity to teach folks how to stay current with Win10, and we avoid conflicting with other conferences held during the year,” Brian explained.

Check out #mmsoa on Twitter for more information and photos from the event