Staying Agile: The MVP Award Program Announces New Benefits for MVPs

At the MVP Award Program, we have agility ingrained in our DNA, and we're on a nonstop journey to create an amazing experience for MVPs worldwide! We've made some great steps forward recently, celebrating our first annual award cycle and welcoming Xamarin MVPs into the program. However, we're not finished yet, and are continuing to advance together to bring some awesome new resources to our MVPs. 

Each new benefit announced today is designed to support MVPs, and help them develop into even stronger community leaders. As Microsoft Community & Advocacy Program Director Patrick Malone said:   

The MVP Award Program is on a mission to create the best possible experience for all community leaders in our program, and we’re very excited to be offering these new benefits, which were among the top most-requested by MVPs. 

Here's what MVPs can look forward to:   

  • All MVPs will be invited to the join the LinkedIn Learning Community Program – a brand new program that gives MVPs the opportunity to promote their own content, as well as have access to premium features such as InMail, enhanced profile, account traffic metrics and much more!  
  • The Office 365 team will give Office Services & Services, Office Development, and Office Applications MVPs access to an annual Office 365 E5 subscription. This will support MVPs in getting their hands on the absolute latest offerings, including the Office 365 Premium add-ons featuring Microsoft bookings, Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Invoicing, Microsoft Listings and Outlook Customer Manager. 
  • The MVP Program leans on awesome partnerships to give MVPs access to third party software and products - in fact, we have a whopping 40 exclusive offerings. Today, we’re pleased to announce that MVPs are now able to join the Docker Community Group for MVPs, with access to dedicated resources, webinars and so much more. If you’re an active MVP, visit the MVP 3rd Party Benefit page to learn more. 
  • We created the “MVP Jacket Store”, so MVPs can order themselves a free MVP jacket (they do need to pay for shipping & duties). It's a great way to represent the program in the community.  
  • And finally, we're pleased to announce we’ve released the MVP Mobile App, which lets MVPs submit community contributions anytime, anywhere! Built using Xamarin, the app is available on iOS, Android & Windows (please note, these apps will only work for current MVPs). And since releasing the MVP API last February – which makes it easy for MVPs to automate the submission process – we're also happy to announce a new GitHub page with links to all projects that use the API. We can't wait to hear what MVPs think of the app, and to start sharing the projects they create.  

We haven't forgotten about MVP Reconnect members, either. They will now be eligible to apply for a one-time-only annual subscription to Visual Studio Enterprise ,  which has been the most requested benefit so far.   

Today's announcement is just another exciting step in our journey here at the MVP Award Program. We're always excited to have our current community members grow with us, and to invite others to join in on the journey as well. If you're already an MVP, you can find more information on the new resources and benefits at the MVP Private site. Or, click here to nominate yourself – or someone you know – for the MVP Award.