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This post was written by Community Program Manager (CPM) Claire Smyth and edited by the MVP Award Blog.  

Quantum Computing is the future. And Blockchain and bots are now reality. So what does this mean for you in the real world? Head to TechDays Online, Microsoft UK’s biggest online conference, and you’ll have the chance to tackle some of these tough topics.

From February 20th-22nd, leading MVPs and community members will share 1-hour technical sessions with Developers and IT pros worldwide - presenting on themes like how to make sense of your data, Document DB, and PHP-MySQL web apps in Azure App Services.

Even better, TechDays Online is completely free! Participants just need to register in advance, and choose which sessions to attend.

What should I expect?

This year TechDays online features a seriously impressive lineup, including Haiyan Zhang, an inventor at the BBC’s The Big Life Fix, as well as Ilyas Khan, the CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Quantum Computing. Khan is also the Chairman and Trustee of The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

Monday February 20th

The first session will speak to the benefits of choosing the right data store when designing highly available, scalable and cost effective cloud-based systems. Participants will explore Azure platform benefits, as well as how to best find the right store for your workload requirements. The following two sessions from MVPs James Mann and Gary Pretty will look into the changing world of bots, and offer participants the tools to create real chatbots. The day will close with MVP Allan Mitchell, who will demonstrate the scale capabilities of Document DB.

Tuesday February 21st

On Tuesday, the theme shifts to DevOps. MVPs from around the world will talk about Dockerizing Your Cross-Plat, .NET Development, Monitoring Linux in Azure with with Microsoft Operations Management Suite Log Analytic, as well as DevOps by examples. This presentation is designed to illustrate the DevOps vision, which includes a range of cutting edge technologies.

Wednesday February 22nd

Wednesday changes gears and explores the world of Quantum Computing, and how the technology is really helping improve lives. We’ll hear from the Alan Turing Institute about social science. And more, Microsoft Regional Directors from the U.K. will join forces to speak about the transforming age of technology, and what this means for the technical community.  

If you’re unfamiliar with MVP led TechDays Online, please visit Channel 9 to learn more about the previous sessions. You can register for the event at .      

TechDays Online Full Agenda

February 20th

February 21st

  •        10 am: Creating a PHP-MySQL web app in Azure App Service and deploying using FTP with MVP Rik Hepworth
  •        11 am: Gain profit from Azure app service tooling as an OSS developer with MVP Mike Martin
  •        12 pm: Dockerizing Your Cross-Plat .NET Development with MVP Rainer Stropek
  •        1 m: Communication Driven Development with Jessica Rose
  •        2 pm:  Monitoring Linux in Azure with Microsoft Operations Management Suite Log Analytics with MVP Gordon McKenna
  •        3 pm: The Open Source World of Xamarin with MVP Garry Whittaker
  •        4 pm Close

February 22nd