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Renaming a network connection with netsh

Example: netsh interface set interface name="Local Area Connection" newname="ExampleLan"

Author: mwilbur Date: 08/01/2007

Powershell Template Engine

A template engine that allows you to have powershell expressions in your templates is a very...

Author: mwilbur Date: 03/15/2007


Get the SHA256 hash in one line of powershell: function get-sha256...

Author: mwilbur Date: 03/14/2007


get-datatable.ps1 is an improvement on the get-dataset.ps1 from an earlier post. Instead of...

Author: mwilbur Date: 03/10/2007

Managing Performance Counters via Command Line

When it comes to scripting the setup of performance counters Logman is your friend; and Relog comes...

Author: mwilbur Date: 03/09/2007

Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK)

It's great to see powerful tools be made publicly available; winpe and imagex are powerful tools...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/28/2007

Updating a DataSet with Powershell and saving changes back to SQL

This example uses the AdventureWorks sample database. # get the dataset PS C:\demo> $ds =...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/26/2007

Capturing SQL Generated by SMO in Powershell

The following example uses the get-sqlserver.ps1 script in my search path. get-sqlserver.ps1: param...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/24/2007


This could be usefull; I always like knowing about obscure commands that are on every box I work...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/24/2007

Connect to and Shadow the Console Session with Terminal Services

This KB article shows how you have two separate TS sessions connected to the console:How to Connect...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/24/2007

Remote Desktop shortcut keys

Remote Desktop has some really handy shortcuts that are documented right there in the help file:...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/24/2007

Powershell script that can schedule itself to run later

From time to time I find it useful to schedule tasks to run on my machine. I often realize that many...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/23/2007

Powershell 1 liner: Key Value pairs from text file to hashtable

Example Problem:You have a text file that contains key value pair and you want to use them as a hash...

Author: mwilbur Date: 02/23/2007