A Few Additional Treats @ PDC09

One fun thing we will be doing this year is using the theater in our lounge/booth area to have a few chalk style presentations.  These will be brief 30 minute demo/ q&a / conversation sessions with somebody from the product team.  These will dive a little deeper and be more interactive about topics we know you’re interested in.  We’d love you to come and just ask a ton of questions here:

Thursday, 11:00-11:30 / Future Directions for State Machine Workflows / Alan Ko

Discuss options for using the State Machine modeling style on WF4, and see a demonstration of a WF4-based State Machine design experience.

Thursday, 1-1:30 / Migrating WF 3.5 Workflows to WF 4 / Bob Schmidt

Learn some tips and techniques for migrating your WF 3.5 workflows to the new WF4 runtime, and see a demonstration of a tool that helps automate this process.

Thursday, 2:00-2:30 / WF Rehosting Deep Dive / Kushal Shah

See how WF’s rehostable runtime, designer, and debugger can add powerful capabilities to your applications

I’m excited because we’re going to use this as an opportunity to show some cool stuff that we’re thinking about.  Usual disclaimers apply, some of the stuff here we will show are prototypes, ideas we are looking for feedback, etc, etc.   These are things that we think are important, and your feedback helps us understand what you really need to make these things useful for you

Stop on by the booth if you’re interested in any of the above topics!