WCF Perf Talk @ PDC (or, the Doctor Teaches Fishing)

I'm probably not going to have too much time to attend talks at PDC, but one talk that would be high on my list is the one that Dr. Allen blogs about here, where he talks about the Zen of WCF Performance and Scale. 

I like "Zen" style talks, especially for topics like performance and scale.  Sure, I could go and listen for 75 minutes for tips and tricks that may be applicable to my scenario, but this is giving you a fish.  Having a 75 minute conversation about how to think about perf and scale, how to think about achieving that in a distributed messaging system teaches you how to fish.  This is going to equip you with a lot more knowledge about how to plan for and solve performance and scale issues down the road.

This is one lunch session, I wouldn't want to miss.  As a plus, he's taking questions and suggestions on his blog, so fire away!